We can’t prosecute complex cases now because legal aid cuts make it impossible to conduct a fail trial.

Financial fraud cases tend to be more complex.

Go hog wild!

has questionable legality under US law” seems to be very soft language for what appears to be yet another attempt at overthrowing a foreign government.

“People aren’t in poverty in terms of going without food. You try booking a restaurant in Crawley on a Friday or Saturday night. You can’t do it.”


For real, an actual politician used the fact that restaurants are booked on weekends as evidence that the poor aren’t going without food.

Who could have predicted that after privatisation they’d start cutting to maximise profit?!?

Looks like the Tories’ policies are working as intended

Very sad day. A massive loss for working class people.

Government commissions report, doesn’t like the results, buries it

"Every efficiency" found could help to provide a "bit of extra cash" for households, he will say in a speech.

If he cuts taxes - then we’ll have more money to pay for the healthcare, education, and transport where he’s cutting funding!

That’s great except now we’ll individually have to pay more because the tax cuts will disproportionately effect the rich.

In good times, they justify mega-pay as the going rate for “talent”. In bad times, they just take the cash – Southampton’s Don Nutbeam celebrated a 13% plunge in undergraduate recruitment with a £19,015 rise.

At Royal Holloway, where students are petitioning against their principal’s pay, Paul Layzell’s salary is partly determined by an appraisal of his performance – an appraisal between two people, one of whom is Paul Layzell.